Fondazione Fitzcarraldo


Fitzcarraldo is an operative foundation focusing on groundbreaking approaches in research, consulting, training and documentation on cultural, arts and media management, economics and policies. We serve and inspire all those who create, practice, produce, participate, promote and support the arts and culture. Our partners and clients include institutions and businesses, Foundations, local government, creative enterprises and cultural organizations in Italy and worldwide. We advise them on designing and developing well founded, effective and innovative policies, programmes and projects.

We carry out research, fact-finding investigations and comparative studies on creativity, production, the organisation and consumption of art and culture.

We supply evaluation and consulting services to public and private institutions to help them convert ideas into projects and to assess the impact on the territory of activities and investments in culture.

We assist some national grant-making foundations in the processes of selection, training and in assessing the results obtained to sustaine the growth of cultural and innovative start-ups.

We organise short and annual training courses to strengthen the skills and promote the professional development of operators and managers of cultural projects and activities.

We developed a deep audience development knowledge throught the participation as leading partners or other roles in a variety of international projects focusing on audience engagement and the creation of new active audience involvement modalities.

We are members of some of the most important networks of culture professionals and training centres in Europe and in the world.