As part of the results of the project, it was developed a set of modular, easily-adaptable learning and teaching materials including Open Educational Resources, that will be offered again, in 2022, through the EUHeritage online platform. The e-learning platform, developed by the WP5 Leader, Hellenic Open University, under Creative Commons license and serves as the the educational means for the provision of the EUHeritage online course.

The course offers a professional training for the cultural heritage professionals, current and future, focused on digital and soft skills as well as skills connected to “experience tourism” in the field of cultural heritage. It was developed in collaboration by all partners .

The EUHeritage course in 2021 run online, from the 21st June 2021 until the 30th September 2021. A total of 1090 professionals from culture, tourism, entrepreneurship were registered in the platform! The EUHeritage course is offered again in 2022, open to all, from 26th September to 5th December 2022. All five modules will be accessible to the registered learners!